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The Barnacle Society’s mission is to generate public awareness, education, and financial support for the preservation and maintenance of The Barnacle Historic State Park. What you might not know is how The Barnacle receives funding. Contrary to popular belief, your tax dollars do not fund the state parks. We are supported by first User Fees: entrance fees, event rental fees, special fundraising events; plus a fraction of a percent from the tax on documentary stamps.

What are documentary stamps? The purchase or sale of real estate in Florida is assessed a documentary stamp tax. The stamps are literally affixed to a deed in a real estate transaction. Both seller and buyer pay this tax. Because of the dreadful real estate market in Florida during the past two years, resulting with fewer transactions, our state park system has suffered greatly.

The Florida Park Service manages 161 parks from the Panhandle to the Keys. As budgets have tightened, a number of historic houses and visitor centers have reduced their days, staffs have been cut, mowing contracts have been canceled, repairs deferred, and projects postponed.

At the Barnacle we have two unusual components working against us that most non-profits do not have – Father Time and Mother Nature. The Barnacle House built in 1891 and the Carriage House and the Boathouse, both built in 1927, are each trying to survive in Miami’s harsh salt water environment.

As you consider your gifts, we hope you will think about the special treasure we have at The Barnacle – a glimpse into our past reflecting a quieter, gentler time. As always, we appreciate your love and support of The Barnacle. Please know that no matter the amount, your assistance is valued and appreciated. We invite you to visit us and enjoy a respite from the hectic world around us!

Planned Giving
There are many ways to provide charitable gifts to The Barnacle Society. As an example, you may wish to include the Society in your will or estate plan. It is one way to leave your legacy.

Honor and Memorial Gifts
Cash gifts can be made to honor friends, family and business associates on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays or as a special thank you. They can also be made in memory of someone who has passed on. The honored recipient or their family will be notified of the tribute (with no gift amount), and the donor will receive a letter of acknowledgement as a receipt.

Contact  the Park Manager Katrina Boler: Park office--305-442-6866 or email.

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